The Journey

At first when the concept was dropped to my mind in the year 2000, it looked unreasonable, unrealizable and impossible. I therefore forgot about the whole idea and continued my education.

In 2000 when the concept of modern dance drama (as we refer to it) was dropped to my mind, I was a student of The Polytechnic Ibadan and I was teaching in a nursery and primary school because I needed to get money to finance my education likewise because of the love I have for children. My course of study was Electrical Electronics. Unfortunately, I could only cope with the theoretical aspect of the course of study I chose, I found it difficult to practice it. This inabilities I had in that course of study created a deep fear for the future for me but I did not just allow it discourage my hardwork.

The school where I was teaching had her end-of-the-year party in December 2001 and the responsibility of all the teachers was to teach their students on what to present during the party. I decided to teach my students the concept I concluded impossible in 2000 just for the fun of the party. However, the pleasant countenance on the faces of the parents/guidiance that were present during my students presentation amazed me and gave me a second thought about the concept. I discussed the concept with my brother (Ayo Ajewole) and some of our friends in the neighbourhood.

We started rehearsals immediately and had our first stage performance on January the 18th 2002 at one of the parishes of R.C.C.G. in Ibadan. From that day till date we have been to several stage ministrations. By the grace of God we have produced films of different titles like Take Heed, Oruko Nla ( superior name), Pride 1 and 2, Amos 3/3, Parable, Oro-odi (negative utterances), Ikoko (hidden) and so on.

The ministry started with 10 members and presently has a record of over 30 active members.

The Vision

Our mission is to preach the wonderful gospel of christ through out the world, not only preaching the gospel to the christians, but to all ‘cos our Gospel is not a matter of religion but rather just to make people happy and through that we could preach morals and bring peace to the nation and the whole world.

As part of our mission we wish to eradicate sorrow in people’s life through our envagecomedy and bring joy to people souls and mind.

God bless CCVDDM

God bless Nigeria

God bless Africa

God bless the World